Crawfish are an integral part of bayou culture, having been a staple of southern cuisine for centuries and having held a special place in the folklore and traditions of southern springtime hospitality.

Crawfish have been a staple of southern cuisine, especially Cajun/Creole cuisine, for centuries. According to CP Gutierrez’s 1998 tome The Taste of American Place: A Reader on Regional and Ethnic Foods, crawfish have been “an integral part of the food culture of the city of New Orleans and the surrounding area for more than two hundred years”.  It’s believed Native Americans were the first to catch and eat crawfish, as evidence suggests crawfish were eaten by members of the Choctaw and Chitimacha tribes as far back as the 1700s.  Later crawfish were adopted as a staple of French-Creole cuisine due to their abundance in southern bayous.  By the 1800s, crawfish were frequently served at community feasts, and the practice of boiling them with spices and vegetables was popularized.

Today, crawfish are still a beloved part of springtime celebrations, and are served in a variety of dishes, including étouffée, bisque, and gumbo…but many feel the best way is boiled with an accoutrement of sausage, potatoes, corn, and plenty of spice!  Peeled crawfish from a local boil are integral part of southern culture and identity.

While Louisiana remains the American crawfish capital being home to more than 100 festivals celebrating crawfish and the seafood industry, crawfish can be found on nearly every continent. They are used as bait to catch fish, and as a food source. Crawfish also have economic importance, as they are used in many foods and even pharmaceutical products.

Perhaps the best part…crawfish are a great source of nutrition, being high in protein, low in fat and a sustainable food source that reproduces quickly that is easily farmed.  Come visit the Under Pressure Outdoors crew the Jolly Gator on Saturday, May 20, 2023, for our 3rd Annual Crawfish Boil benefiting the 10CAN’s charitable mission working with vets & first responders battling PTSD.

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